This is Creatiff.

We started off as a design studio in 2012 and has been serving non-profits, artists, companies, and organizations across the USA and Canada. We have spent the last few years discovering and developing Creatiff’s style and have had the honor to meet with several non-profits and people who share their stories. We also really enjoy working on start-ups and branding experiences from the ground up.

How does it work? I, Jane, do all the designing because and Andrew runs the business, legal, side of things. You might say Andrew and I are opposites, some might say we balance each other out, but one thing we have is that we’re a team and we both strive for excellence in all our endeavors.


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Jane Butler

I have always been a designer at heart.  From grade school paper projects to all nighters in college working everything had to be around design and creativity. The more I’m in it, the more I love it.

I moved from Canada to the United States to embark on a journey I didn’t know where it would go. I attended college for two years and then had to take a year off because I wanted to get experience before I confirmed my own degree.

So I took a year off and had the opportunity to be employed by an award-winning salon in Ontario, only to move into a marketing position that would eventually direct me toward the degree I knew I should get. I travelled back to beautiful USA and graduated with my Bachelor’s in Graphic Design.

A month before I made plans to graduate, leave America, and jump on a flight to Toronto, I met the love of my life, Andrew. We met in Virginia (it is for lovers, right?) so it just made sense. (Also, the fact that he is ridiculously brilliant, handsome and charming all played into the fact that I said “yes!”)

From Virginia, we’ve moved to NYC where we finished his law degree in New York, and now we are currently living in Delaware for the year 2017-2018.

We also have a little boy named Jack, who keeps our hands busy when we aren’t studying our classes, working on design projects, or planning our next hike in the mountains. We would love to meet you and hear how we can help!


Our Process


We work through 4 important steps through each project
to help communicate your message effectively to your audience.

What are key words that sum up your brand. Learn about color psychology and how colors speak into what/how we present.
What’s your color personality?
What does your business need? Define your intention.
What is your vision? Mission? Purpose? Create your vision and write it down.
Who is your intended audience? Who are you profitable clients? 
Launch your new beautiful brand to the world.
Showcase your craft to the perfect audience for you.
Dream about the future of your business and take action!
Create your mood board. Build a timeless logo and color scheme.
Apply them all to future marketing materials and discuss
website development and style your brand.